Create for a Cause- The Ulitmate Backyard Party

August 05, 2019

Create for a Cause- The Ulitmate Backyard Party

Hi friends!
I have missed you! I decided it was time to give this blogging thing a whirl again! If you’ve been around for a little bit you know that as much I love making pillows, I LIVE for using my business as a platform to better our community and the people that live in it. 

Last year me and my friend who is a social worker (the really high up boss-lady kind) cast a vision to start a yearly event that was fun, encouraged women to gather in community and to raise money for a local cause. We were able to raise $2500 for a local teen mom home and were able to transform their community living space. 




This year, we decided to dream even bigger. A friend who is a huge part of our community recently lost her husband to his 5 month battle with stage 4 cancer- he leaves behind his wife along with their 3 beautiful children (3,9 & 12). Before he passed away, we knew that the medical bills would start adding up and we had to help. Thus, Create for a Cause 2.0 was born.

The event was hosted at the Linen & Ivory Studio. I gathered my dream team and we made a plan, here's how it turned out!

    Cookie Decorating Class by Lucy & Lemons

       Live Music by Kellie Rose 

        Charcuterie by Savory + Sweet 


        Wine Bar

          Raffle/Silent Auction


              Photos by Morgan Taylor

                Pop Up Shop by  Linen & Ivory

                  100 women showed up to the event and We were able to raise $7800 to give straight to the family. I know many of you have messaged me interested in throwing your own fundraiser and all I can say is DO it. It matters, it makes a difference and the work is well worth the end result. A few tips to get you started:

                  • Tickets were sold through Eventbrite and were $40 which included 2 drink tickets, access to the activity/class, and 1 raffle ticket.
                  • Additional raffle tickets could be purchased for $5/each
                  • All the wine and auction.raffle items were donated 
                  • All of our vendors donated their time so that we were able to give as much to the family as possible.
                  • I borrowed decor from as many friends and neighbors as I could to cut down on the cost of buying everything new.
                  • I conned one of my besties into crafting a few of the decor pieces (Thanks Halie!)

                  Now for the decor!


                  Wine Sign by Leanna
                  Handmade pillows from clearance curtains
                  Floating Candles & Flowers picked from my yard (any flower will float one you cut the stem off)
                  Milk Bottles hung with twine and flowers
                  Dream Catchers & handmade floral hoops
                  Overall the event was a HUGE success, and it was such a blessing to be able to bless someone in our community who is so deserving.
                  If you would like to help this now single mama and her 3 littles, you can donate to their Go Fund Me page.
                  Please comment below and let me know any questions you may have!!
                  One last thanks to our amazing vendors!
                  Cookie Decorating Class by Lucy & Lemons
                   Live Music by Kellie Rose 
                  Charcuterie by Savory + Sweet 
                  Pop Up Shop by  Linen & Ivory
                  If you are a Seattle local and have an event coming up- these people are the best of the BEST! Tell them I sent you!

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