Pick Your Favorite Christmas Movie and We'll Pick Your Perfect Pillow!

December 03, 2021

Pick Your Favorite Christmas Movie and We'll Pick Your Perfect Pillow!

There are so many festive things to enjoy during the holiday season...the food, the music, the decorations, and of course, the movies! 

After a long day of shopping, baking, or preparing for guests, it's so nice to snuggle up and turn on your favorite holiday film. So, I thought it would be fun to pick out your perfect pillow based on your favorite Christmas movie! I've matched 5 pillows with 5 Christmas movie favorites. Which one is your favorite?

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

"Oh, Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind..."

This movie is a true Christmas classic! Miracle on 34th Street is a darling film about the real-life Santa Claus taking time out of his busy holiday schedule to play Santa Claus at Macy's and help a disenchanted mother and her curious little girl believe in Christmas. This movie has been so popular throughout the years that a remake was made in 1996, and it's not too bad! If you like this classic 1947 Christmas movie, the Vintage Santa pillow will feel right at home in your holiday décor. Traditional, classic, and heart-warming.

Home Alone


The sound of Kevin's mother screaming in Home Alone is something we can all recognize. Kevin is accidentally left home alone for the holidays and defends his house from a pair of burglars. This movie quickly became a classic and has been remade several times. Fun fact, Kevin's house is entirely decorated in red and green, including the carpets and walls! If Home Alone is your go-to Christmas movie, you will love the Truett pillow. This pillow is featured in two of our Christmas collections, the Merry Christmas Collection and the Traditional Christmas Collection.

Love Actually

"I'll be hanging around the mistletoe, hoping to be kissed."

For all the chick-flick fans out there, I had to include Love Actually. This movie follows the love-lives of eight very different couples during Christmastime in London, England. If you like a little romance with your holiday, the Aspen pillow is just what you're looking for. It is soft, elegant, and the delicate snowflakes add a touch of femininity. This pillow is featured in two of our Christmas collections, the Pink Christmas Collection and the Traditional Christmas Collection.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

"What's this?! What's this?!"

This movie is truly unique and passes for both a Halloween and a Christmas movie. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack, the king of Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town and is mesmerized. He decides to take over Christmas that year and things get a little spooky. Although this movie wasn't very successful when it was released, it has become very popular over the years and is now considered a holiday favorite. If you prefer Tim Burton's take on Christmas, you will love our Ebony faux leather pillow. It adds drama and intrigue to any design. This pillow is featured in our Glam Christmas Collection.


“I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.” 

He's lovable, adorable, and embodies the childlike wonder of Christmas. Who doesn't love Buddy the Elf?! In the movie Elf this human, raised by Christmas elves, travels to New York City to find his biological father and has some fun and unexpected adventures along the way. Our Holly pillow is perfect for fans of Elf. It is fun and playful and makes you think of Christmas, just like Buddy! This pillow is featured in our Traditional Christmas Collection.

Doesn't this list make you want to drop everything and watch your favorite holiday movie? I know I'll be watching my favorite soon!
I hope you all have a safe and cozy Christmas this year!

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