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Getting Cozy 3 Ways: How To Style Your Sofa for the Fall & Winter

November 01, 2020

Getting Cozy 3 Ways: How To Style Your Sofa for the Fall & Winter

You may be in the mood to transition to all the fall shades, winter hues, and even Christmas colors. But, wait! There is no need to ditch your neutrals- those can easily be incorporated by adding in a few cozier and darker tones. Every line we design with the last in mind- we want you to be able to mix and match for every season! 

So where do you start? See how we style the same sofa 3 different ways.



No need to choose favorites when you can have it all! From Avery's luscious sherpa fur, to Lainey's stand-out Swiss crosses, this option proves it's all better together. 


If you can't live without a pop of color, this option is for you. The sophisticated deep green tone of Truett, offers just the right amount of subtle festivity to your sofa. 



Mix it up with different shades and textures of gray! This option features Xavier's cozy felt combined with charcoal gray from our must-have, Maxwell. And if you are falling in love with faux fur like I am, Graham goes great with gray!


    1. Try to balance out the neutrals by mixing up pattern & texture (Think sherpa & mud cloth).
    2. Add in accents of darker colors/ patterns to cozy it up. Our charcoal gray and plaid, Brenner, does both!
    3. Think outside the box!- We don’t have to have everything balanced and symmetrical anymore. I am so inspired by being bold and not having everything be so “catchy”.
    4. Sizes are important- I recommend 22” on either side, layered with a 20” & finished off with a 12”x18” or 14”x20” lumbar.
    5. HAVE FUN! I know it can be overwhelming, so if you decide a little extra help is needed- sign up for a design appointment!

I hope enjoy this special time of year! Make sure you are following us on Instagram @linenandivory & tag us when you show off your sofas!




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