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How to Style Your King and Queen Bed!

February 20, 2021

How to style a King or Queen Bed

If you have been dreaming of diving into the perfectly styled bed, but not sure how to put all the pieces together, you've come to the right place. Of course, you won't be surprised that I believe what turns a bed into a beauty are pillows! But there is so much consider: color, pattern, texture, shape, and size. Without some direction, styling your bed can seem more like solving a puzzle. Since pillows not puzzles are my strong suit, I have simplified the process with these tips for styling your King or Queen bed!

King Beds

For King-size beds, I recommend following this 3-2-1 size guideline:

  • (3) 26" pillows
  • (2) 24" pillows
  • (1) 14" x 30" pillow


Pillows pictured: JaneTruett, and Pierce

Queen Beds

For Queen-size beds, I suggest these sizes:

  • (2) 26" pillows
  • (2) 24" pillows
  • (1) 16" x 24" pillow

Pillows pictured: Felicity, Truett and Presley 

My Top 5 Tips for Completing the Look:

  • Use neutral bedding
  • Use a quilt or blanket at the end to add texture & color
  • Change duvet and pillows seasonally to keep it interesting
  • Bed pillows go behind decorative pillows
  • Mix texture, patterns & colors to create a unique room that is all YOU! That is what is most important!


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