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How to Style your King Bed

October 12, 2021

How to Style your King Bed

Don't you just love king beds? So comfy and so much room! And since king beds usually take up a majority of the space in a bedroom, a well-styled king bed is essential for your overall room design. 

But how do you fill up all that space on the bed and make it look nice? Don't worry, we've got some steps to help you create the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom!

Step 1: Make the bed and use your sleeping pillows as the base

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it's an important step! Smooth out the blanket and sheet all the way to your headboard for a nice flat canvas. Near the foot of your bed, fold your comforter in half or in thirds depending on how much volume you prefer. Stand your sleeping pillows up so they are vertical and leaning against your headboard. Now it's time to add some style!

Step 2: Use three large décor pillows as your backdrop

To cover up your sleeping pillows and create the backdrop for your design, add three large décor pillows in a straight line across the bed. Make sure they are standing nice and tall. This first layer of decorative pillows supports your design, both figurative and literally! 

Step 3: Add a second layer of large décor pillows for dimension

This middle layer is what starts to elevate your design! Many people put a decorative pillow or two over their sleeping pillows and call it a day, but adding a second layer of pillows really makes the design look intentional. For this layer, use pillows that are contrasting to your first layer. For example, if you use a bold color or print for your first layer, try some neutrals or textured pillows for the second layer. Try out different looks until you find just what you're looking for!

Step 4: Add a pop of color or texture with a lumbar pillow

Top off your design with a little extra personality! Adding a lumbar pillow breaks up the look of all square pillows and gives you a chance to add a little more to your design. Use either a 16"x24" or a 14"x30" size lumbar pillow, both are great for this look. You could add a leather pillow, a velvet pillow, a geometric pillow, or even a "Merry Christmas" seasonal pillow. Have fun with it!

Step 5: Enjoy your new design!

Make sure your pillows are standing tall, are freshly fluffed, and have that signature crease down the middle. And voilá, you did it! You styled your king bed! You can use any combination of pillows you'd like. For this design we used, Pierce, Brooklyn, and Evy. Visit our website to see all of our pillow options!


Need more inspiration? Here are some different pillow combinations you can try!

Combo #1: HopeAliceLoretta

Combo #2: Summer, Sloane, Piper

Combo #3: BrooklynTruettHolden

Still a little unsure of what prints and textures to use for your design? We offer personalized help with our Pillow Design Consultation. Make a reservation today and start designing!


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