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Meet Beddy's: My Kid Room Secret Weapon

September 07, 2017

Meet Beddy's: My Kid Room Secret Weapon

This post is in collaboration with Beddy’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

When we moved into our new house, we wanted to do it right. We want this to be our forever home. I want it to feel good when I walk in, I want it to fit our family.



So naturally, I didn’t want to have a panic attack every time I walked into my kids’ messy rooms. They’re all old enough at this point to clean up after themselves, and I don’t want to be constantly hounding them with making their bed, cleaning up their toys, and keeping their rooms in good shape. Most days it feels like a losing battle. As much as my kids could pick up their toys and put them away (or find somewhere less visible to shove it until I notice), their rooms always tend to look like a hot mess when I leave it up to them.



Making beds just continues to be a struggle with my kids. Even when they try to pull everything up neatly  and set the pillows where they go, it  always manages to look completely disheveled and messy. 


 Enter Beddy’s. The solution for moms that don’t want to pull their hair out every time they walk into kid rooms! I don’t know why we didn’t think this up years ago. Beddy’s combines gorgeous duvet covers with sleeping bag-style functionality, and voila - you have a perfectly styled and professionally made bed. And my kids can do it themselves! It's gorgeous on the outside, and comfy cozy on the inside. The quality is literally so impressive.
All the sudden making the bed has become the easiest part of our morning routine. All they do is zip it up, set their pillow on the top, and all is well in the world. We started with this beautiful chic white bedding for Brooklyn in her Little Chic room. It’s so cute and feminine, and we styled it with this cute duvet set  and adorable doll from @pocketswithposies. it fits her personality so well, and complements the style of the room beautifully.  We’re SO happy we found Beddy’s! Perfect for a little piece of mind, and it’s pretty! Win-win.
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