Brooklyn's Room: Blush Pink & Tulle.

June 22, 2017 3 Comments

Brooklyn's Room: Blush Pink & Tulle.

Now that you’ve seen our new home, I’m going to start going room-by-room, and letting you in on my design process. I hope that this is not only helpful for me, but that it serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for you, if you find yourself needing ideas for little girl bed linens or laundry room tile. It’s going to be my place to dump all the ideas, and hopefully I’ll come out with something beautiful!


Little Chic

Today we’re starting with Brooklyn’s room. B is my oldest daughter. She loves art and barbies and ponies, ALL the girly things. She’s my little artist, the princess of the family. I’ve been so excited to create a room for B for a few reasons:

  1. Since we’ve spent the past few years in a rental, she’s hasn't had her own room for almost five years! She’s been moved around a lot, from playrooms to boy rooms, just because we didn’t have a perfect space just for her. I’m so excited for her to have a place that’s her own. I can picture little sleepovers happening in here, I can see her snuggling up in her little reading nook, and crafting away for hours on end.
  2. Brooklyn is totally my little twin. She’s everything that I was as a 7-year old. More than all my other littles, I just get her. So I’m having so much fun styling this place for her. It’s girly and sweet, perfect for her. She is SO excited.

 Little Chic Blush Pink Tulle Kid Room

Acrylic Teardrop Pendant from PB Teen | Beddy's Bedding in Chic White | Jolie Wallpaper from Anewall

This is my Little Chic room. It’s sophisticated, but still playful. It’s filled with blush pink and tulle and ruffles. And it screams Brooklyn! I’m so excited for it.



A few details to point out:

  • Our colors are white (duh), blush pink, and soft grey. It’s delicate and light.
  • Her little reading nook. This little homegirl is a reading QUEEN these days! No joke, she’s going through a chapter book a day. So I wanted to create a little corner for her to get away and read. We’re getting a little canopy, and filling it with cozy blankets and pillows (and, inevitably, tons of stuffed animals).
  • A question for YOU! I think it needs some kind of detail on the walls. Wallpaper sounds like too huge of a project (so many windows to work around!), but it needs something. I’ve been tossing around ideas of some tasteful floral decals, or maybe even just wallpapering one wall. Does anyone have any ideas?!
  • I’m excited to make a little homework corner for her. I want her to have her own desk and chair to use for homework, or to do her crafting on (I could see a little sewing machine there someday!)

Biggest struggle: balancing "little girl" and "big girl"! I want to make sure this room grows with her, but I'm not interested in making a little teenager room yet!! What do you think? Anyone else stuck in the middle of this big kid/little kid struggle too? 

Little Chic Blush Pink Girl Girly Room Feminine Tulle Fur Style Board Inspiration

3 Responses

Cathy Anderson
Cathy Anderson

August 01, 2017

Wallpaper sounds like too huge of a project

Becky Among the treasures
Becky Among the treasures

June 27, 2017

Pretty! I like tone-on-tone paint for a subtle wall treatment. I’ve seen matte finish on walls and a semi-gloss for stripes, circles or even swirls. Can’t wait to see what you choose!


June 22, 2017

So pretty! Love the colors you picked. I think putting wallpaper just on the wall with the windows, since it is the first thing you see, would be very pretty! Anthropologie has wallpaper that would match perfect!

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