Meet the Linen & Ivory Team!

May 18, 2017 1 Comment

Meet the Linen & Ivory Team!

For the longest time, this business was a one-woman show. Besides the business advice from the hubbs, I handled everything from social media to printing and packaging to customer service, and I was TIRED. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to just get a little bit of help! So I found someone to give me a hand. One person quickly turned to three, and all the sudden I have a TEAM! It’s so fun to have people hanging out in the office with me (even if it gets a little cramped sometimes!) and I absolutely couldn’t do it without them! So I wanted to introduce you to my girls! 


Meet Suzy!

Suzy was my first Linen & Ivory hire. The amount of packaging I had to do every week was becoming absolutely out of control, so Suzy came in and gave me SO much peace of mind! She saves me so much time, catches all my mistakes, and is just so great to have around.

Suzy is Seattle native, a wife and a momma to two! She loves spending time with her family and exploring local wineries and dinner spots.

Favorite Linen & Ivory Pillow? Vintage Bike Pillow

What’s your Home Decor style? Anything Joanna Gaines related!

Favorite Vacation Spot? We go to Cabo every year. It’s our favorite!

Favorite thing about Seattle? You can drive an hour or two and be anywhere you want - mountains, ocean, city, everything.


Meet Lindsay!

Lindsay is our most recent addition to the team! (Not sure how I survived without her before!) I waited a long time before I made the decision to offload printing. It’s such an important part of my business, and I had to find the perfect person. And then I found Lindsay. She’s amazing! We LOVE having her.

Lindsay is a wife and momma of two wild boys, and just recently moved back to Washington after a few years in California!


Favorite Linen & Ivory Pillow: The new Botanical pillows!

Summer Bucket List Items: (unrealistic) Visit the Grand Canyon and Glacier National Park, and (more realistic) hiking around the Seattle area!

Favorite Home Store: Anthropologie

Favorite Spot in your Home: Love seat by the window (with my Linen & Ivory vintage bike pillow!). It’s perfect for snuggling little boys and reading books!


Meet Katie!

Katie is our former nanny, turned roommate, turned friend, turned Linen & Ivory assistant, and she helps with #allthethings! She has her hands in everything from customer support to blogging to video (our latest venture!).

Katie went to college in Seattle, but currently lives in Redding, California (we do a lot of FaceTime!) and works with a non-profit serving children in Latin America.

Favorite Linen & Ivory Pillow: The Retro Floral Pillow

How do you describe your style? Simple but eclectic

Favorite thing to do in your free time? Anything in the kitchen! I’m working on writing a cookbook right now!

Summer Goals: Lots of days at the lake! It’s HOT here!

And just for kicks... Meet Kendra (that’s me!)

I’m a momma of three, a wife to Ryan, and we just bought our first home!! (I’ll blog about it soon!) I started Linen & Ivory a 4 years ago and I LOVE what I do!

Favorite Linen & Ivory Pillow?  Watercolor Peony Pillow

Favorite Podcast? How I Built This (Seriously. It’s so good.)

My style in three words? Monochromatic, simple, trendy

Favorite Coffee Drink? Iced almond milk latte with cinnamon and honey (and always two shots!)


I wanted to write this post for two reasons. One, this is a group of amazing ladies and I just want to brag on them! Two, getting help and choosing to NOT do it all is one of the best decisions you can make as a momma and business owner! I am SO not afraid to admit that it takes an army to make life happen around here and I'm so thankful for everyone that shows up every day to make it work! 

Any other Boss Mommas out there that love their team? What was your first hire? What could you not live without? 

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June 01, 2017

So I don’t sell and ship pillows, but I do sell and ship paint . . . and a lot of it! Like you, the daily stress of managing inventory and shipping grew into this overwhelming burden. I was finding myself not feeling grateful for my customers, which was NOT the attitude I needed to have. So after lots of prodding from my husband, I hired a lovely mom of 3 who homeschools her girls and manages my inventory remotely. She also helps processing my orders, and her girls have started helping me some in keeping up with my 2 retail paint displays. I would still love to have someone here at my house helping with the physical packing and shipping, but it’s so irregular I have a hard time figuring that out. So I was inspired by your post to keep looking for ways to delegate more and find good help. Thank you for sharing!

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