Style Guide: Modern Farmhouse

June 01, 2017 2 Comments

Style Guide: Modern Farmhouse

We’re in full-blown renovation mode as we plan to move from our rental to our new home! We’re excited and busy and I can’t stop creating Pinterest boards for every single thing. Our move-in day is approaching QUICK, and while we aren’t planning on starting from scratch and fixing everything right away, we’ve decided that we’re starting with a specific style and using that as a guide for the whole house. As we move from room to room, we’re hoping for simplicity and consistency throughout our home, even if it takes us a few years to get there!

So this post is half for you, to show you a style guide for the look I’m going crazy over right now, and half for me, to create a look for the house, one that we’ll implement from top to bottom. It’s like guardrails that will keep me from getting distracted when all the design becomes overwhelming and messy!

Meet Modern Farmhouse.

An updated version of the Farmhouse style that we’ve all been going crazy over the past few years, we’re replacing chippy paint for sleek finishes, adding in some fun textures, and staying with all things white, fresh, and clean. It’s the lovechild of cozy, warm farmhouse style and sleek, cool modern style. A perfect in-between.

Modern Farmhouse Essentials:


Wide Plank Flooring

Wide Plank Floors

We’re planning on installing these in the entire bottom level of our new home. We’re going with a happy in-between of wood and laminate: engineered hardwood. Easy to keep clean, still gorgeous, and not outrageously expensive.


Shiplap Farmhouse Modern
image via Live Simply
image via @cementtileshop

Of course we’re not ready to break up with Shiplap yet! This farmhouse staple is definitely making an appearance in our home. It will be in Harlow’s room and my studio!


White Paint

Image via apachewe.us (Color: White Heron)
Image via homebunch.com (Color: White Dove)
Image via favoritepaintcolorsblog.com (Color: Alabaster)

Simple, I know, but it’s a staple! The best colors I’ve seen for Farmhouse white are: White Heron & Alabaster from Sherwin Williams, and White Dove from Benjamin Moore. All of these can be color matched at Lowe’s! I have an interior design friend that swears by their Valspar Reserve paint. I’ll definitely be using it!


Craftsman Trim

Image via WindsorONE

Simple and thick is the goal here! No need to overdo it, but a good craftsman trim can elevate a home like nothing else!



Image via Studio McGee

You can’t replace good lighting in a home. A few amazing statement chandeliers with great, sleek finishes are a perfect addition to any farmhouse modern room.


Geometric Tiles

Image via The Decorista

These are so much fun. You can do so much with a good accent tile! Play around with different shapes and styles (hexagons, herringbone, subway tiles), or even add a little contrast with a pattern!

Accents:  Leather, Acrylic, and Metal

Image Via Design Milk
Have some fun with new textures and materials in your Farmhouse Modern house. I'm all about that natural wood, but it's so fun to add in some new accents. I've been searching for acrylic side tables, some metal lighting pieces, and leather accent chairs. 


Industrial Elements

Farmhouse Modern is your excuse to rough it up a little bit with your hardware and decor. Add in some exposed industrial lighting, some wrought iron furniture, and metal seating. This is your perfect place to balance to the cozy whites. Don’t be afraid to add in some contrast with black!


What do you think? Any of you farmhouse lovers out there loving this transition to a more modern feel? If you want to keep following along, or find more inspiration for this style, follow me on Pinterest! I am adding new things to my boards every day and would love to hear what you think! 

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January 21, 2021

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! We just bought a house with a nod to the modern farmhouse on the exterior. It needs much TLC on the inside. I’m planning on a clean paint palette of white or a grayish white with white trim. The kitchen is getting white cabinets with either a black or bluish black island. Hoping to add some shiplap as well. Loved seeing your ideas. Thanx for sharing.


June 01, 2017

Love it! We are an inch away from finishing our 1,000sqft 1925 cottage & we included some of the same insipirations as your blog describes. Our theme: back to the beginning kicked up a notch! New bold texture painted a happy yellow; linen colored painted cabinets & layered trim; an old marble top dresser painted a slick black for our bathroom vanity; stripped the dark stain from the original floors & waxed them showing off their beautiful white oak color as well as embracing every stain left upon them after 90 years of use; highlighting the old telephone niche & the built-in china cabinet w/ special paint techniques; retro-looking appliances in the kitchen in a soft buttercup yellow. In the end, it’s a 100 little decisions & details that most guests will overlook, but will enjoy in total. Have a great time putting your family’s thumbprint on your new home.

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