The Best Of Farmhouse Fall Decor Inspiration

October 12, 2017 3 Comments

The Best Of Farmhouse Fall Decor Inspiration

It’s the very BEST time of the year! The leaves are turning, the weather is cooling down, the cozy blankets are in constant use, and Trader Joe’s has returned with pumpkin madness yet again (What’s your favorite TJ’s pumpkin thing? Those Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps are literally crack.). I love October.

This week I’m bringing you another round of “The Best Of” because it’s just so fun to see what you all do in your homes as the seasons change. You’re all so creative, and I love seeing my pillows used to uniquely all over the world! So sit back and enjoy your little home tour. These are all from mommas and bloggers and designers that I just love. I’m so thankful to know (some of them) and follow all of them! If you don’t already follow along with their accounts, consider this a great time!


 Styled by Tiffany from @everythingsolovely


 Styled by Shanna from @simplyshannahome


 Styled by @thedowntownaly


 Styled by Carrie from @acarriedaffairdesigns


 Styled by Jessica from @jadefarmhouse


Styled by Lindsey @ourcoloradohome


Styled by Carla @ourhouseofthree


Styled by Kayse from @kaysemaass


Styled by Currently Chic from @currentlychic


Styled by Meeghan from @caligirlinasouthernworld


Styled by Sonja @jshomedesign



  • Linen & Ivory Fall Best Sellers



Thanks again to all of you for posting and sharing my pillows and your beautiful homes! Enjoy your fall season, and stay cozy!

xo, Kendra

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diana hartman
diana hartman

August 20, 2018

I noticed in one of the pictures a book by KayseMaass. Is it for sale and where do i purchase it?


October 13, 2017

Such lovely fall inspiration, Kendra! Thank you for sharing it! Your pillows add so much to these beautifully styled fall spaces.

Reeca Divel
Reeca Divel

October 12, 2017

So beautiful! I love linensndivory!

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